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Satisfying share requirements - February 2024 Expand/Collapse

As per the Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act in Manitoba, each member, regardless of age, must have at least one (1) membership share for a minimum of $5.00. Access Credit Union follows the person-centric membership model in which each account owner is allowed their own personal share. 


Every member is an owner of one share, every member share will be equal, and every member share owner will have a right to vote.


To ensure full operational alignment with Access prior to technical integration in June 2024, we will be reviewing all membership shares and making adjustments to share accounts beginning mid-February 2024.


What you need to know:



Those with underfunded shares, regardless of membership type, will be contacted via letter with instructions for how to fund the $5.00 share.


Please note that any member previously identified as an Associate are considered full members at Access Credit Union and will need a $5.00 funded share.



Those with duplicate or overfunded shares—i.e. those with more than $5.00 in their share account—will have the balance in excess of $5.00 returned to their demand account via funds transfer.


How you will know:

Any transfers completed in your account will be detailed on your February 2024 monthly statement and in online banking.


What you need to do:

No action is required by members unless otherwise specified via letter or call from your local branch.



Please visit your local Carpathia branch to discuss with a representative.

Welcome to the new Access Credit Union! Expand/Collapse

Effective July 1, 2023, we are Access Credit Union!

Welcome to all members of Carpathia Credit Union! Here's what you need to know:

Business as Usual

We are currently integrating our operations, and in 2024, we will combine our website and banking system. In the meantime, it is business as usual. We encourage you to continue to visit your regular branches and use the Carpathia website for information updates and online banking. You can also continue using the Carpathia CU Mobile App.

What You Can Expect After July 1

  • Our existing branch locations and friendly faces will remain ready to serve you.
  • In-person, online, and mobile banking will remain the same.
  • Existing cheques, debit cards, direct deposit, pre-authorized payments, investments, loans, mortgages, and member account numbers will not change.

If you have a question about the merger, please contact your local branch.

Carpathia Credit Union Members Approve Recommended Merger with Access Credit Union Expand/Collapse

December 8, 2022

Carpathia Credit Union Members Approve Recommended Merger with Access Credit Union

Manitoba — Carpathia Credit Union is pleased to announce that its members approved a recommendation by the Board of Directors to merge with Access Credit Union. Voting took place December 5-7, 2022, and the results were announced last night at a virtual special meeting of members.

The membership vote followed the completion of due diligence and a subsequent recommendation to merge from the Boards of both organizations. The favourable vote means that the two credit unions will unite under the Access Credit Union name and brand on July 1, 2023.

According to government regulations, Carpathia required a majority of two-thirds of votes cast to allow the merger to go forward. Access members were not required to vote since Carpathia represents less than 10 percent of Access' total assets.

"It’s exciting to see our shared vision to build a stronger future together come to fruition" said Don Cilinsky, Carpathia’s Board Chair. "For our communities it’s an opportunity to broaden our impact and do more good together."

The memberships will benefit from highly competitive rates and fees, a flexible patronage program, an expanded branch network within Winnipeg and rural Manitoba, and investment in new technology.
“Our priorities are to continue serving our members and communities with excellence, and invest in our communities for a sustainable future” said Access Credit Union Board Chair, Kevin Beresford.

After the merge Access Credit Union will have more than $10 billion in assets, over 168,000 members, more than 900 employees, and 61 branch locations. The organization is well-positioned to operate effectively in today's competitive marketplace and to offer enhanced products, services, and technological solutions.

About Access Credit Union

Access Credit Union was incorporated in 2009. In 2021, Access Credit Union merged with Crosstown Civic Credit Union and later in 2022, merged with Noventis and Sunova Credit Unions to become the largest credit union in Manitoba. Today, Access Credit Union remains a financial institution that puts its members first. For more information about Access Credit Union, visit

About Carpathia Credit Union

Carpathia Credit Union is a full-service financial institution founded in 1940. In July 2019, Carpathia Credit Union welcomed North Winnipeg Credit Union expanding Carpathia’s city presence to 5 branches. With over $600 million in assets, and more than 12,000 members, Carpathia Credit Union continues to ensure financial stability by providing responsive and relevant financial services for the communities we serve. For more information on Carpathia Credit Union please visit

Notice of a Special Meeting to consider an amalgamation to all members of the Carpathia Credit Union Expand/Collapse

Legal Notice of a Special Meeting

TAKE NOTICE THAT a special meeting of the Members of the Credit Union will be held at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, the 7th day of December 2022, via videoconference, for the purpose of considering, voting on and announcing the results of the member vote on the proposed Special Resolution for the amalgamation of the Credit Union with Access Credit Union Limited. All members wanting to participate in the Special Meeting are required to register. To register to attend the meeting, please visit

A voting information package will be mailed to every member of the Credit Union eligible to vote. Following the close of registration, registered members will be sent the link via email to login to the secure videoconference.

Questions from members regarding the amalgamation or the special resolution to approve the amalgamation can be submitted to

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE THAT voting on the Special Resolution prior to and during the Meeting will be by electronic ballot and will be tallied electronically. Voting will be open from 8:00 am CST on Monday, the 5th day of December 2022 until 7:30 pm CST on Wednesday, the 7th day of December 2022. (the “Voting Period”). Each member may vote on a personal electronic device or by telephone. Should any member prefer, a tablet for the purpose of voting will be available at each of the five branches of the Credit Union during operating hours within the Voting Period.

On October 18, 2022, the Board of Directors of the Credit Union approved the following proposed Special Resolution for consideration and vote of the members of the Credit Union:

"WHEREAS the Board of Directors of Carpathia Credit Union Limited (the “Credit Union”) has recommended that the Credit Union amalgamate with Access Credit Union Limited (“Access”) in accordance with the provisions of the Amalgamation Agreement made between the Credit Union and Access, dated October 28, 2022 (the “Amalgamation Agreement”);

AND WHEREAS it is in the Credit Union’s best interests to enter into the Amalgamation Agreement and to amalgamate with Access on the terms and conditions set out therein;


1. The entering into and performance of the Amalgamation Agreement by the Credit Union be and it is hereby ratified, approved and confirmed in accordance with Section 121 of The Credit Unions and Caisse Populaires Act (Manitoba); and

2. The amalgamation of the Credit Union with Access on the terms and conditions set out in the Amalgamation Agreement be and it is hereby approved."

An Amalgamation Agreement, dated October 28, 2022, has been approved by the Boards of Directors of the Credit Union and Access. The Amalgamation Agreement provides for the amalgamation of the Credit Union and Access into one credit union, to be effective on July 1, 2023. The credit union resulting from the amalgamation will be called Access Credit Union Limited and will have its registered office in the Rural Municipality of Stanley, Manitoba.

Following amalgamation, all members of the Credit Union and Access will be members of the amalgamated credit union and all deposits and shares of or loans owing to either of the predecessor credit unions will be deposits or shares of or loans owing to the amalgamated credit union. The common shares and surplus shares of each of the Credit Union and Access will become the common shares and surplus shares of the amalgamated credit union on a one for one basis.

The Amalgamation Agreement is available for review. Go to access a copy or visit one of the Credit Union’s branches to request a copy. Separate from the amalgamation agreement between Access and the Credit Union, Access is also party to amalgamation agreements with: Amaranth Credit Unions (with a proposed merger date of January 1, 2023); and Casera Credit Union (with a proposed merger date of July 1, 2023). The Board of the Credit Union is recommending that the Credit Union approve the Special Resolution to merge with Access whether or not Access’ amalgamations with Amaranth Credit Union and Casera Credit Union proceed to completion.

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE THAT, under Section 127 of The Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act, members of the Credit Union have the right to dissent to the proposed amalgamation. To dissent, a written objection to the amalgamation must be submitted to the Credit Union at or before the meeting of members referred to in this Notice.
DATED this 16th day of November 2022
By Order of the Board of Directors

Merger Information Expand/Collapse

Amalgamation Agreement

Member Info Sessions

Join the Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team for information sessions to answer any last minute questions:


November 17 - 5:00pm - 7:00pm

November 24 - 5:00pm - 7:00pm

December 1 - 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Leila Branch

310 Leila Ave, Winnipeg


Member Vote

December 5, 6 and 7, 2022

Vote online from anywhere:

For those who need assistance, voting stations will be available in all 5 Carpathia branches during normal business hours December 5-7, 2022.

Results Of The Vote

There will be a special Members Meeting at 7:00pm on December 7th over Zoom to announce the results.



Carpathia Credit Union is committed to supporting Ukrainians and their family members who had to flee from war-torn Ukraine. We understand that these times are stressful, therefore Carpathia Credit Union is committed to providing full support services to refugees getting a fresh start in Manitoba, Canada.

At Carpathia Credit Union we offer:
  • Free chequing account for a year, including online banking access and a free debit card
  • Free starter kit of cheques
  • Waived fees for all incoming and outgoing wire transfers for a year
  • Waived service charges for ATM transactions when used at Credit Unions across Manitoba
  • Free safety deposit box for a year

*Credit accommodations are available and will be assessed by Carpathia Credit Union on acase-by-case basis.

Visit one of our 5 Carpathia locations to learn about our products and what documents you will need to open a membership, or call (204) 989 – 7400 to book an appointment and become a member!

Carpathia Credit Union has Ukrainian speaking staff members that will be able to provide service in Ukrainian for those who do not speak or understand English.

Кредитна Cпілка Карпатія прагне підтримувати українців та членів їхніх сімей, яким довелося втекти, зі зруйнованої війною України. Ми розуміємо, що ці часи є напруженими, тому Кредитна Cпілка Карпатія прагне надати повну підтримку біженцям, які отримують новий старт у Манітобі, Канада.

У Кредитній Cпілці Карпатія ми пропонуємо:
  • Безкоштовний чековий рахунок протягом року, включаючи доступ до онлайн-банкінгу та безкоштовну дебетову картку
  • Безкоштовний стартовий набір чеків
  • Відміна комісії на всі вхідні та вихідні банківські перекази протягом року
  • Відміна комісії за обслуговування банкоматів, при використанні карток в кредитних спілках по всій Манітобі
  • Безкоштовна сейфова скринька на рік

*Доступні кредитні погодження які будуть розглядатися Кредитною Спілкою Карпатія вкожному окремому випадку.

Відвідайте одне з 5 наших відділень Карпатії, щоб дізнатися про наші послуги та документи які вам знадобляться, щоб відкрити членство, або зателефонуйте за номером (204)989 – 7400, щоб записатися на прийом та стати членом!

У Кредитній Спілці Карпатія є україномовні співробітники, які зможуть надавати послуги українською для тих, хто не володіє або не розуміє англійської.

BOARD NOMINATIONS 2022 Expand/Collapse

Application For Board 2022


Call for Nominations of Candidates for the 2022 Board of Directors Election

We invite you to consider running or nominating someone to run in our upcoming Directors Election! As the only Ukrainian credit union in Manitoba, Carpathia’s Board of Directors ensures our organization has a strategic roadmap for the future which aligns with our vision, purpose, and values. As a Governance Board, we are looking for members with diverse backgrounds and skillsets. Together, the Directors must bring all the necessary core competencies to:

  • negotiate a complex regulatory environment
  • establish corporate goals
  • approve major financial decisions

Directors use their expert skills, knowledge, and abilities to help Carpathia achieve its vision of being a financial institution of excellence supporting our Ukrainian and extended community.

Director Nomination and Election Quick Facts

  • There are three (3) director positions to fill, each for a three-year term that will start following our Annual General Meeting on April 27th, 2022.
  • To be eligible to stand as a candidate for the Directors Election, members must:
  • be a personal member in good standing since at least October 1, of the previous year;
  • be a minimum of 18 years of age;
  • qualify subject to the requirements listed within the Nomination Application; and
  • submit their application and supporting documents by end of day, 5:00 PM, November 30, 2021.
  • Potential candidates must be nominated by two members, excluding current board members and Carpathia staff, in writing through a nomination form, available at our branches or on our website.

Knowledge and Expertise

We are seeking members with strong governance backgrounds and a commitment to our values. Although all competencies are valuable, we would like to further strengthen our existing Board expertise in the following areas:

  • Audit & Financial Management—Current experience including reading and interpreting corporate financial statements, understanding the relationship between financial performance and strategic plans and the ability to identify/describe organizational risks and controls.
  • Information Technology—Current experience including oversight of management of information technology systems for a corporate enterprise including an understanding of the requirement, strategy, risk, and regulatory issues surrounding information management as they pertain to a financial institution.
  • Enterprise Risk Management (Operations and Technology) - Experience with ERM creation, management and monitoring of operations and technology.
  • Human Resources - Experience in their field of human resources, labour relations, compensation and/or employment equity.
  • Board Governance - Experience with understanding board governance and with the creation, management and monitoring of governance rules, practices and processes.

Please note: Carpathia Credit Union’s Nominating Committee will be interviewing all eligible candidates. Candidates will be assessed on all areas of expertise, including those identified above. The interview’s purpose is to identify and recommend candidates that we believe understand the importance of good governance and will help Carpathia achieve its vision.

Time Commitment

If you become a new Carpathia Credit Union Director, you should expect to spend a minimum of 20 hours per month on various duties including preparation for meetings, attendance at Board and committee meetings, orientation activities and community events.

Nomination Entries

Nominations are open as of October 2021. Carpathia Credit Union must receive completed nomination forms at our corporate office, at 952 Main Street, by the close of business, 5:00 PM on November 30th, 2021. Nomination forms and additional information are available at, through our branches, by calling 204-989-7400 or emailing

As a Carpathia Credit Union member, your nomination, could lead to the opportunity to help direct our Ukrainian financial institution with over a half billion dollars in balance sheet assets and over 11,000 members and associates.

Nominating Committee

Carpathia Credit Union Board of Directors


January 19, 2021

Dear Members,

On December 31, 2020, Dormant Account Fees were applied to many member accounts. It has come to my attention that that process was fundamentally flawed. It has also come to my attention that none of our previously established communication processes were followed. We have let many of you down and for this I am sorry; we are sorry.

My colleagues at Carpathia Credit Union are proud to work at an organization with deep community roots and a long history of supporting organizations and individuals within our community. During 2020 these same colleagues came into work each day to proudly assist members. Those same essential service workers assisted hundreds of members in deferring loan and mortgage payments, providing direct access to government programs, and waiving many thousands of fees and service charges. This was all done so that we could be sure to be there for our members when they needed us most. That is how we wanted to end and remember 2020. Unfortunately, that is not what happened.

We at Carpathia hold ourselves to the highest standard and level of accountability and “good enough” is not good enough for us. Because I do not have full faith in the method used to apply these charges, I have requested that we refund all Dormant Account Fees as soon as possible.

An unused account costs the credit union between $12 and $25 each year depending on factors such as whether paper statements are mailed or there is a debit card issued. These are direct costs paid to outside parties. Tens of thousands of dollars are not available to support the community, the credit union, or its members. Dormant account fees are a way to recoup some of those costs, as well as to help to encourage closure of surplus accounts. It also can’t be forgotten that mailing statements for unused accounts have a direct cost and impact on our environment.

There are many legitimate reasons why financial institutions charge this fee and in many cases, we were “right” in doing so. However, doing the “right” thing in the “wrong” way can never be the right thing to do. There is no defense as to how this situation was handled and so once again I would like to offer my apology. I want to assure you that we will make this right, we will learn from this, we will hold ourselves accountable, and we will do better in the future. The members who built this credit union 81 years ago deserve no less.

If members have ongoing concerns, they can reach out to me through or phone at 204-989-7400. I will also be working out of the following branches on the dates below:

Monday, January 25                      1375 Grant Avenue
Tuesday, January 26                      80-2200 McPhillips Street
Wednesday, January 27                 310 Leila Avenue
Thursday, January 28                    1341-A Henderson Highway
Friday, January 29                         1-850 Regent Avenue West
Monday, February 1                       950 Main Street


Nick Rawluk, CEO

P.S. Get mad at me, but please do not blame our front-line staff. They are trying their best.


Please note all phone numbers at our Leila branch are changing on April 14.

If you dial an existing number for the Leila location, your call will be redirected to our main line. The receptionist will connect you to the new number at the Leila branch.

Call 204-989-7400 to contact staff at that branch.

Role of the Board Expand/Collapse

The Role of the Board of Directors

The Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act (1994) requires that every credit union have a board of directors. Board members shall be elected from the credit union’s membership and subject to the exceptions set out in the by-laws (death, removal or resignation) shall hold office for staggered terms of three years each or until their successor is elected. The board of directors shall consist of nine (9) members. Each director will be elected by ballot by the general membership, or as provided for under the by-laws.

The board of directors will be accountable to the general membership of the credit union for directing the affairs of the credit union.

The board of directors is responsible for the strategic direction and governance of the credit union. It will perform general duties to ensure that a viable direction is planned and will adhere to the specific duties and responsibilities for the board and board committees as set out in:

  • The Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act (1994);
  • regulations to the Act;
  • the credit union’s by-laws; and
  • the policy manual of the credit union.

Skills and Competencies

The knowledge, experience and skill of each director and the board as a whole are important elements in the success and viability of the credit union. Common attributes for all directors include good judgment, maturity, personal integrity and financial stability. Moreover, directors are expected to demonstrate the following:

  • An appreciation of the value of credit unions;
  • strategic thinking capability to be able to understand the interests of its members, to assess the impacts of environmental and marketplace trends and then to translate those interests and impacts into strategy; and
  • experience and appreciation of working in a collaborative, collegial and productive way with people having differing viewpoints.

Board Activities

Board and Committee Meetings

Directors must have the time and willingness to serve as a director. The board meets monthly, with individual director preparation required prior to the meetings, and a two-day strategic planning meeting/policy meeting.

When elected to the Carpathia Credit Union (CCU) board of directors he/she may serve on CCU standing committees.

  • Audit & Risk Committee
  • Corporate Governance Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • HR & Compensation Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Property & Environment Committee
  • Public Relations & Promotional Committee

The Committees typically convene quarterly with preparation required prior to the meetings.

Workload varies, however, meeting time and preparation work is typically a few hours per meeting.

Being an Advocate

Directors represent CCU in the community. They are expected not only to be knowledgeable on its contributions to the community and its products and services, but also be users and advocates of its products and services. Directors are also expected to attend community and industry events on behalf of CCU.

Director Training

Directors are expected to build on and expand their competency base through training. Training is available throughout the year, with CCU sponsoring directors to attend competency training.

Director technical core competencies include the following:

  • Audit and Compliance Oversight
  • Board and CEO Performance
  • Credit Union Operations
  • Financial Literacy
  • Governance and Ethics
  • Leadership
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Risk Management Oversight
  • Strategic Planning

All board members are required to complete the 24 credit-hour Director Achievement Program. Each newly elected member of the board of directors shall complete the Credit Union Director’s Achievement Program within three years.


Dear members,

McPhillips Street branch will permanently close on February 25, 2021.

Effective February 25, 2021, Carpathia Credit Union will close the branch at 2200 McPhillips Street. The nearest full-service branch is located just down the road at 310 Leila Avenue, and members will be able to visit any of the remaining five locations for any transactions.

If you are a member who identifies McPhillips as their primary branch. You will receive follow-up communication in the coming weeks to confirm which of our branches you would like to have your file moved to. The location of your primary branch does not affect your ability to conduct your financial business at any of our five branches. This change will have no impact on any of your automatic transactions or cheques. Those members with safe deposit boxes will be individually contacted to discuss their available options.

With our lease at McPhillips up for renewal in 2021, Carpathia’s board of directors and executive management team took the opportunity to conduct a full assessment of our branch footprint in the area. The Leila branch is located in a building owned by Carpathia, has ample parking, a drive-through ATM, and is located only 3.4 kilometers away from the McPhillips branch.

We recognize that many members have built strong relationships with the staff at the McPhillips branch and we want to assure you that there are open positions for each of them at our other five branches. They remain valued members of the Carpathia team.

We’re committed to working with every affected member to make sure the transition goes smoothly.

If you have questions, we encourage you to call us at 204-989-7400
or send an email to


Taras Babick
Chair, Board of Directors

Nicholas Rawluk
Chief Executive Officer

Member Q&A Information

Q: Why is McPhillips branch closing?
A: The lease for the McPhillips branch is expiring on August 31, 2021. We are consolidating operations to our remaining five (5) branches.

The decision to make changes to our branch structure is not about withdrawing from the community; it is a process of right sizing the service delivery in these branches. Our credit union trends reflect industry trends in that we continue to see an overall decline in the in-branch transactions and a rise in electronic, self-serve transactions. With the global pandemic, similar to other industries, we found ourselves needing to accelerate our transformation.

The consolidation has a minimal impact to the convenience for members. The Leila branch is located 3.4 kms from the McPhillips branch. The Leila branch has a 24-hour drive thru ATM, Lobby ATM and night depository for business members. In addition, it has ample parking and the branch can be accessed via Leila Avenue or Salter Street.

Q: When is McPhillips branch closing?
A: The McPhillips branch will close effective Thursday, February 25th, 5:00 PM.

Q: If the McPhillips branch lease expires at the end of August, why are you closing the branch six (6) months in advance?
A: Closing a branch is a complicated process and requires not only the movement of property, files, and even the ATM; but also construction to fulfill our obligations to the property owner.

Q: During merger discussions, the question came up whether the McPhillips branch would be closed. We were told that both the Leila and McPhillips branches were busy and were needed. What has changed and why are we doing this?
A: With the global pandemic, similar to other industries, we found a need to accelerate our transformation. The decision to make changes to our branch structure is not about withdrawing from the community; it is a process of right sizing the service delivery in these branches. Our credit union trends reflect industry trends in that we continue to see an overall decline in the in-branch transactions and a rise in electronic, self-serve transactions.

Q: Will other branches be closing?
A: We have no plans in process to close other branches. The decision to close the McPhillips Street branch was made in light of its proximity to the Leila branch (owned facilities) and investing in Carpathia for the long term, such as advances in electronic access.

Q: Will any employees lose their job because of the branch closure?
A: All staff from McPhillips branch will be relocated to other branches. There will be no loss of jobs for full-time staff under this move. Members can look forward to being served by the same people who have served them at the McPhillips branch as well as our current staff at the remaining five (5) branches.

Q: How is Carpathia doing financially?
A: The decision to consolidate branches is in keeping with our focus on building a strong, growing, and sustainable credit union that meets the current and future needs of our members. By consolidating branches we will be able to remain strong and profitable throughout this low margin environment.

Q: Will this plan reduce costs?
A: This will allow us to redirect funds towards improved technology and staff development.

Q: If we continually invest in technology, does that mean front line staff will become obsolete?
A: No. There will always be a need for front line staff. Investing in technology provides our members with a variety of ways to conduct their business with us.

Q: Which branch will be my home branch?
A: McPhillips branch members are being notified directly about the branch closure, and will be provided a suggested new home branch based on their current postal code. Should members choose another branch as their home branch, these members are encouraged to contact 204-989-7400 or

Q: What do I need to do to switch over my account to another branch?
A: If the suggested new home branch is suitable, then no action is required. If the suggested branch is not suitable, members are encouraged to contact 204-989-7400 or to switch accounts to the branch of their choice. Regardless of your home branch, members are welcome to use any branch that is convenient.

We recognize that this may cause some inconvenience to our members, however; want to assure you that we will work with members to ensure a seamless transition.

Q: With my new home branch, will my branch hours of business change?
A: All Carpathia branches have the same business hours as follows:

               Monday – Thursday 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
               Friday 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
               Saturday 9:30 am – 3:00 pm

Q: What happens to my safety deposit box?
A: Members will be personally notified regarding the consolidation plans. At any time, members are welcome to relocate the contents of their safety deposit box to one of our four other branches with safety deposit box facilities. These branches are: Leila, Henderson, Main, and Grant.

Q: What happens to the night depository at the McPhillips branch?
A: The McPhillips branch night depository will be closed. The actual date of closure is to be determined, and those impacted will be provided ample notice of the closure. Keys will have to be returned to the McPhillips branch, and new keys will be issued for the night depository at the branch of their choice. The closest night depository is located at the Leila branch, only 3.4 kms from the McPhillips branch.

Q: What about the loan/mortgage I have at the McPhillips branch?
A: All loans currently held at the McPhillips branch will be transferred to members’ new home branch of choice with no change to term, balance or interest rate.

Q: I have a pile of cheques at home. How long can I use them?
A: Members can continue to use existing cheques for the foreseeable future. If there are any changes in terms of how long these cheques will be useable, Carpathia will provide amble notice of the change.

Q: Will my bill payments have to be changed?
A: No, existing bill payments will continue to be paid as arranged.

Q: Will I need to change any of my direct deposits?
A: No, existing direct deposits will continue as arranged.

Q: Will I still be able to use my Member Card?
A: There will be no impact to member cards.

Q: What happens to the ATM at the McPhillips branch?
A: The ATM will be decommissioned as early as December 2020. The Leila branch is located 3.4 kms from the McPhillips branch. The Leila branch has a 24-hour drive thru ATM and Lobby ATM. In addition, members can use any Manitoba Credit Union ATM without a surcharge.

Q: What happens to my account number?
A: There are no changes to member account numbers.

Download these Questions and Answers.

COVID-19 UPDATES Expand/Collapse


Are You Taking Advantage of the Government Resources Available to You?

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have had to find new ways to make ends meet. Both federal and provincial governments have risen to the challenge providing much-needed resources to Canadians to help their businesses and families continue forward.

If you haven’t taken advantage of these resources, or maybe aren’t sure of what is available, you can find a long list at

Additionally, you can contact your Carpathia branch to learn more about what’s available to you.


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Connecting Our Community and sustaining the well-being of Holy Family Home's residents through technology.

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Organizations Supported in 2020
  • Platinum Jets
  • Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus
  • Melos Folk Ensemble
  • Lubov SSMI Foundation
  • O Koshetz Choir
  • Orlan School of Dance
  • Orlan Ukrainian Folk Ensemble
  • Homin Ukrainy
  • Kyiv Pavillion
  • IPAC Ukraine
  • Knights of Columbus Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg
  • Camp Veselka
  • Romanetz Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Rossdale Ukrainian Dance School
  • Ukrainian Canadian Council
  • Rozmai Winnipeg Cymk Ukrainian Dance
  • Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Rusalka UNF School of Dance
  • Ukrainian Cultural Centre
  • Sopilka Ukrainian Dance School
  • Troyanda Ukrainian Dance
  • CFA Society Winnipeg
  • St. Joseph's Ukrainian Catholic Church
  • Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Parish

2020 Scholarship Awards


English Ukrainian Bilingual Program

Chief Peguis Junior High
East Selkirk Middle School
Happy Thought School
R.F. Morrison School
Ralph Brown School
Springfield Middle School
Prince Edward School

System Sponsorships

Together, with other credit unions in Manitoba, Carpathia also supports these groups:

Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association
Manitoba Museum
Wasagaming Foundation
St. John Ambulance
Curl Manitoba Masters Championships

On December 31, 2020, Nick Rawluk presented Kevin Walker of the Bear Clan Patrol a cheque for $2,660. Over the summer, staff held a number of "Casual Fridays" and collected $1,300 to which Carpathia Credit Union matched. Staff chose to donate to the Bear Clan Patrol.