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Becoming A Member or Associate

Carpathia Credit Union has always been a closed bond Ukrainian Credit Union. This means holding a Membership share is exclusive to Manitobans of Ukrainian origin.

However, in 2004, Associate Status was created to meet the financial needs of people in our community not of Ukrainian origin. Associates receive the same quality of service and have access to our complete product list, without holding a share in the Credit Union.

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To become a share holding member of Carpathia Credit Union, you may be:

  • Any person who is of Ukrainian origin and who resides in the province of Manitoba;
  • Any member of the immediate family of a person described in the above clause;
  • Any body corporate, provided not less than 50% of its voting shares are held by, or, in the case of a body corporate without share capital, the majority of its members are made up of persons of Ukrainian origin; or
  • Any non-incorporated organization whose primary aim is to advance or develop the interests of the Ukrainian community, provided the majority of the organization members are of Ukrainian origin.
Holding a share at Carpathia Credit Union means you are entitled to vote at any meeting of the members and are eligible to become a director of the Credit Union.

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Associates have access to all of the Credit Union’s products and services with the exception of the following:

  • They do not hold or purchase a share in the Credit Union;
  • They cannot vote at any meeting of members; and
  • They are not eligible to become a director of the Credit Union.
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